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Their Story: "Why I volunteer"

Audrey Braconi Gerardin - Battle field for giving my very best 

I started my volunteering in 2016, and I would never though I would lead the network when I started this engagement. More than a battle field to showcase what I could deliver, it became the reflection of what I do good or bad, teaching me every step that nothing is given or set. Everyday is a new day where I could bring my very best to my team, my connection, my group, my peers and make a positive impact around me. What I build here with You, it is place where You could bring in yourself and become who you are truly designed to be! Want to experience something similar than Join us!

Bettina Buhr - A Level Playing Field 

After working with male coworkers on projects, I wondered why it was they who would be presenting and given all the credit. I looked around and seemed as though women were not seen as anyone that could provide value.  I decided to mentor and raise awareness for gender bias, defining patterns and find new ways of working together and accepting our individual strengths.

I want to join a place with like minded thought-leaders to contribute to the change what is in my power, but also to educate myself and be of better value to the women I work with.

Celine Duroyon - Captivated By Story and Strategy 

I have been seduced by the PN Munich story and strategy! First, because I love the idea of empowering women in business and helping them grow and succeed, then, because I value this idea of sharing experiences and putting our skills together. Finally, being part of a global network will develop my appetite for international interactions and multicultural exchanging.

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