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We've got a Purpose & Drive 

Let us face it. There is a real deficit in Leadership, as John Maxwell stated in regular occasions.  We have managers and experts, and leaders and good leaders are to be developed

If you understand leadership as Influence & Relationships, then you shall understand that everyone could learn to lead

You become a leader, it is a journey not a destination


We have a mission and it is what makes us moving. We believe in sponsoring people's growth and develop leaders.

We stand for reaching 50% women and men in leadership positions, and we are here to support them while they climb


To become the biggest and best known professional organization in Munich, representing women and men in all sectors and industries, creating the right level of support and relationships to help them in their journey



Courage and Commitment - Leaders change reality! We are pragmatic, grounded in reality, and brave to make difficult decisions, propose ideas and make them becoming reality.

Transparency - We believe being transparent  is a key success factor for a volunteer based association, where empowerment, fast decision making and collaboration across all volunteers reflect how we lead.

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Professional Women's Network – Munich e.V.

Heinrich-Wieland-Strasse 47D

81735 Munich

Registration number:

VR 205669

Tax number (143/220/61146)

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