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The following terms and conditions apply to the Professional Network Mentoring Program. Please read them carefully

1. Applying to participate in the PN Mentoring Program

1.1 To be eligible to participate in the Mentoring Program, you must fulfill the following criteria:

1.1.1 Fully complete the Mentoring Program application form – failure to do so may result in your application form not being processed, which will prevent you from being eligible for the program;

1.1.2 To be a Mentee, you must be a member of PN association in good standing and ensure the payment of the yearly fees are paid in due time during the program, and be matched with a Mentor;

1.1.4 To be a Mentor, you must be an experienced professionals (more than 5 years working experience) with appropriate knowledge and skills in management, leadership, people development and be matched with a Mentee.

1.2 Professional Network reserves the right in its absolute discretion to decline to accept an application to participate in the Mentoring Program.  This may include situations in which the applicant, or a related person or organisation, has breached or is under investigation for possible breaches of association membership rules and obligations, or where the acceptance of the application may otherwise be detrimental to the objective of the Mentoring Program.

2. Satisfactory Completion of PN Mentoring Program

2.1 In order to satisfactorily complete the PN Mentoring Program, each Mentor and Mentee must do all of the following:  take part in all Mentor Program activities as required by Professional Network for the duration of the Program.  At a minimum this will include attendance at an orientation session, educative webinars as part of PN event program and/or workshops, and a closing ceremony.  Mentors must organize with the Mentee a first session to develop an agreed action plan in consultation with the Mentee. This agreement shall constitute the basis of the program, and shall be return no later than 30 days after start of the program to the assigned PN Program coordinator  the Mentor and Mentee must develop an action plan within 15 days of the Mentor’s initial discussion including a regular mentoring session schedule – a minimum of 1 session per month shall be scheduled and date shared with PN Program coordinator.  the Mentor and Mentee must ensure that a copy of the action plan and Mentoring agreement is provided to Professional Network Mentoring program coordinator within 7 days of it being developed.  provide PN Munich with written progress reports against the action plan by the dates agreed and requested.  act in a professional manner in their dealings within or related to the Mentoring Program.  alert the PN program coordinator promptly via email to mentoring@pnmunich.com if any difficulties with the mentoring relationship are experienced.  treat all information obtained during the PN Mentor Program as confidential, and not take commercial advantage of any confidential information gathered during the program, or enable others to do so. Referrals or encouraging the use of consultants is not the intention of the PN Mentoring Program.

2.2  Where a Mentor or Mentee has failed to comply with any part of term 2 above, or anticipates failing to comply with any part of term 2 above, the Mentor or Mentee must notify PN Program coordinator within 14 days of becoming so aware.

2.3 Professional Network reserves the right in its absolute discretion to suspend or terminate any participant’s involvement in the Mentor Program, and to determine whether a Mentor or Mentee have satisfactorily completed the Mentor Program.

3. Voluntary participation

3.1 Both Mentors and Mentees participate in the Mentor Program voluntarily. No payment or exchange of products or services is to be made or received by either party.

3.2 Mentees are expected to participte to PN network as full standing members and pay in due time their membership fees. The non-respect of the payment will constitute a legitimate termination of both membership and mentoring program participation

3.3 Mentees will contribute to the PN Mentoring program by paying the mentoring program fees which are due to run the program and activities successfully for all mentees and mentors in a given programs. The fees are due upfront the start of the program, and wont be refunded in case a Mentee moves out PN organization, move or transfer to a different location and the mentee decides to stop her or her participation for any other reasons

4. Withdrawal from program

4.1         Where, due to unforeseen circumstances (for example due to illness or a real or perceived conflict of interest arises) a Mentor or Mentee seeks to withdraw from the Mentor Program, the party that is withdrawing from the program must, within 14 days of the withdrawal, notify PN Mentoring program coordinator via mentoring@pnmunich.com

5.  Program changes

5.1         Professional Network reserves the right to exercise its discretion to change any or all of the terms and conditions of the program and has the right to suspend further participation in the program for any companies, mentees or mentors that do not comply with the terms and conditions.

6. Compliance with Program rules

6.1         The purpose of the PN Mentoring Program is to provide guidance and assistance to Mentee regarding his/her personal development and self management. Participation in the program does not relieve a participant from the responsibilities to work out on himself or herself on specific areas assigned by her/her company manager, personal development program the person decides to attend, or .what the Mentor recommends the Mentee to follow as assignement while being parto f the program

7. Consent to publicise material

7.1         Professional Network may develop communication materials to promote the PN Mentoring Program, to share information and experiences, and to showcase participants’ stories and achievements.

7.2         By accepting these terms and conditions, all participants in the Mentor Program:

7.2.1     give permission to Professional Network to publish any images and content obtained by PN during the Mentor Program;

7.2.2     give permission to PN to seek their feedback on the PN Mentoring Program;

7.2.3     give permission to PN to publicise that they have been involved in the PN Mentoring Program;

7.3         If you wish to contact PN regarding your consent, you must do so in writing to PN via email to mentoring@pnmunich.com. PN will give due consideration and respond to all consent inquiries, pending program requirements and constraints, including the status of printed and distributed materials at that time.

8. Liability

8.1         The applicant acknowledges and agrees that as far as the association and volunteers engagement permits, PN accepts no liability in respect to any claim, cause of action or loss or damage arising out of, or in relation to, any advice or action taken that is the subject of this program.

8.2         The applicant agrees that they release PN any claim or liability arising out of, or in relation to the Mentor Program, to the extent that the claim or liability is not caused by PN’s negligence or breach of this mentoring arrangement or any other term implied by law.

9. Privacy Notice

9.1       PN collects and manages the personal information you provide in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection under the GDPR rules and regulation. PN collects and uses this information to determine whether your application is eligible for the PN Mentoring Program, to provide your contact details to proposed mentors and mentees so that they may communicate with and assist you, to provide our services to you, to improve the quality of our services, and to provide you with information about other services we offer. PN may disclose your personal information to a third party for the purpose of proceeding with the Mentoring matching, facilitating the program coordination activities, and easing the program activities followup.

9.2       You have the right to access and correct any of your personal information at any time, once we have collected it. To access or amend your personal information relating to your Mentoring Program applications you could do it online in your profile hosted on pnmunich.com. Further information on our privacy policy is available online.

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